Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ya llegó el viajero

envía esto desde San José

Dear Friends and Fans Club

I just wanted to let you know that my road trip have been a success, well at least I am now in San Jose CA with all my belongings and sick of watching US highways

Also wanted to thank you all for your support, information, collaboration, points of view, suggestions and concerns.

Here is a brief summary of my trip:

Departure: Newton, MA on Tuesday 22 @ 9am

Total distance: 3852 miles (approx) in 7 days

Cities visited: (at least for a meal): 9 àNiagara Falls, Chicago, St Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco

Biggest mistake: Enter on my GPS St. Louis, MI instead of MO… this cost me 5 hours extra driving, maybe more douh!

Nights spent in rest areas: just one, thanks to my (stupid) mistake.

Maximum speed reached: 110 mi/hr (160km/hr approx)

Tickets: just one, for speeding. (doing 73 on 50 mi/hr downward slope on the Rocky Mountains, 100 bucks)

Highest price paid for gas: $3.68 per gallon (i.e. $47 per full tank approx)

States crossed: 13

Highest altitude reached: 11,000 ft @ Rocky Mountains

Casualties: A lot of flying insects on my windshield and I almost ran over Bambi in Colorado, but he is fine, just a little scared.

Flat tires and mechanical failures: none

Hitchhikers: tempting, but no.

Biggest deception: Salt Lake City… all the girls (or most) use long skirts…

Arrival: San Jose CA on Monday 28 @ 9pm

Thanks again to all of you

Have a great summer/internship/vacation/whatever and see you all in September!!!

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